AGM and Autumn Conference, November 11, 2009

The ethics of child care are being examined as they have never been before. In what is ostensibly an ethical and altruistic field, how have we arrived at a situation where we wrestle with the kinds of ethical issues which are thrown up by the case of Baby Peter in the United Kingdom and the Ryan Commission into residential child care in Ireland? How should this influence how we record, handle, and research these matters? This day will be an opportunity for delegates to explore the history and make what may well be a controversial examination of these troubling issues.

To stimulate our debate and discussion we invited speakers who are at the forefront of the practice, research and discourse of the history and ethical development of the relationship between young people and the helping professions.:


Mark Smith, School of Social Work, University of Edinburgh

Introduces our theme and gives an overview of the history and developing philosophy of the ethics of child care.

Noel Howard, Past President of the Irish Social Care Workers Association:

Explores the ethics of child care in Ireland over the last 40 years in the light of the Ryan Commission Report.

June Jones, School of Health and Population Studies,University of Birmingham:

Considers the history of the development of ethics and professional values in the relationship between health professionals and their patients, and make connections to the relationship between child care professionals and the children they help.

Richard Rollinson, Child Care Consultant and previously Regional Director of the Peper Harow Foundation, one time Principal of the Mulberry Bush School, and former Chair of the Charterhouse Group of Therapeutic Communities:

Summarises the issues arising from conference discussions with reference to the ethical issues raised by current high profile cases such as Baby Peter and their implications for our social care, health and education provision for children and young people in care.

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