Founding AGM and Inaugural Conference of the Child Care History Network, October 23, 2008

Bringing together professional archivists, librarians, and oral historians with practitioners, administrators, former children, authors and academic researchers, in a unique event, to create an organisation and address essential themes in the history and future of child care

"Child care disasters, forgotten lives, and reinventing the wheel: What is the role of memory and forgetting in the future of British child care policy and practice? Can history make a difference?"

  • WHAT ARE THE SOURCES for child care history? What do they contain? What don't they contain? What could they contain?
  • WHAT IS THE USE of child care history?: Why do it? Who is it for?
  • WHAT IS GOING ON NOW?: Current work and initiatives in the research and dissemination of child care history
  • WHAT HAPPENS when the sources are used and the history goes public?: Resolution, Creativity, and Danger



"Welcome from the Host": John Cross, Executive Director, Planned Environment Therapy Trust

Session One: "Sources and Issues: Past, Present, Future"

"Archives": Sian Roberts, Head of Collections Development, Birmingham Archives and Heritage

"Museums": Jim Gledhill, Assistant Curator and Registrar, The Foundling Museum

"Libraries": Nicola Hilliard, Head of Library & Information Service, National Childrens Bureau

"Sources, Current - and Future": David Lane, Consultant/Expert Witness

Session Two: "What Does it Matter? To Whom? How? Why?"

"Perspective: Former Child": Tom James, Ledston Hall and Wennington School

"Perspective: Academic and Researcher": Sarah Hayes, Wellcome Research Fellow, Centre for Medical History, University of Exeter

"Perspective: Policy and Practice": Jonathan Stanley,Manager, National Centre for Excellence in Residential Child Care

Session Three: "Sharing the History: Problems, Challenges and Issues"

"Sharing the History: Problems, Challenges and Issues": Charles Sharpe, Child care consultant, Goodenoughcaring; and psychotherapist



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