Minutes of the Inaugural General Meeting of the


9.30am, 23 October 2008

held at

Planned Environment Therapy Trust Archive and Study Centre, Toddington, Gloucestershire


Alan MacQuarrie, Moyra Hawthorn, Andrew Hosie, Sarah Hayes, Gill Yeomans, Jonathan Toms, Mel Wood, Victoria Hynes, Keith White, Jonathan Stanley, Robert Clark, Gill Cooke, Sian Jones, Evelyn Daniel, Pauline Weinstein, Charles Sharpe, Craig Fees, Fiona Fraser, Sian Roberts, Nicola Hilliard, Val Wood, Andrew Sanders, John Cross, Tom James, Christopher Reeves, David George, David Lane, Cynthia Cross, Rosemary Lilley, Hayley Cotterill, Jim Gledhill, John Hughes, Letitia Lawson, Sue Wightwick, John Burton, Sue Owens.

1. Everyone was welcomed to the meeting

2. David Lane was elected as Chair for the meeting

3. The proposed agenda was adopted for the meeting

4. Apologies were received from:

Anne Naylor

Tom Harrison

Jim Hyland

John Diamond

John Visser

Gwen James

5. Adoption of the Constitution:

David explained the background to the development of the Constitution. After discussion the following amendments were passed:

a) Paragraph 3.1 It was agreed to delete mention of United Kingdom and offshore dependencies and that the paragraph will read: to promote interest in the history of services for children and young people and their families.

b) Appendix definitions – Child: it was agreed that the new Board will re-write this taking account of the issues raised: that disabled children’s services are for children up to at least 19 years of age and sometimes beyond.

c) Appendix definitions – Child Care: it was agreed that the word ‘service’ should be changed to secure estate.

The meeting unanimously agreed the proposed Constitution subject to the above three amendments.

6. Election of Honorary Officers:

The meeting elected the following to the Board of CCHN:

6.1. Chair - David Lane; nominated by Charles Sharpe and seconded by Cynthia Cross

6.2. Secretary – Rosemary Lilley; nominated by Charles Sharpe and seconded by Craig Fees

6.3/4. Treasurer and Membership Secretary – Cynthia Cross; nominated by Rosemary Lilley and seconded by Nicola Hilliard (It was agreed to combine these roles in the first instance.)

6.5. Communication and Information Officer – Craig Fees; nominated by Charles Sharpe and seconded by Fiona Fraser

6.6. Other Board members without portfolio:

Nicola Hilliard

Charles Sharpe

Alan MacQuarrie

Evelyn Daniel

Tom James

It was proposed and the meeting agreed that the Board is authorised to co-opt others onto the Board as and when needed.

6.7. The meeting agreed to the proposal in the notes attached to the agenda to invite people to act as CCHN Patron’s: Patrons will be invited to serve for three years, and that an additional Patron is invited to take up the role each year so that in due course there will be three at any one time.

The meeting agreed that Francis, Earl of Listowel is invited to be the first Patron.

It was proposed and agreed that suggested names of future Patrons would be brought to the Annual Meeting for consideration and agreement.

7. Finance:

7.1. The meeting agreed the proposed rate for subscriptions: (a) Corporate membership £30 p.a.; (b) Individual membership £15 p.a.

7.2. The meeting gave authority for the Treasurer to open a bank account with the National Westminster Bank and agreed that the Treasurer is able to sign cheques up to £500; a second Board member’s signature is required for amounts over £500.

7.3. The meeting delegated authority to the Board to make arrangements for auditing the accounts.

8. Programme of Activities:

8.1. The meeting gave the Board the authority to progress with a programme of activities. Suggestions would be made/arise during the seminar following the General Meeting.

9. Steering Group Report:

9.1. The meeting was asked if there were any further questions of the Steering Group. None were raised.

The Steering Group members were thanked for their efforts to arrange the General Meeting and seminar.

10. Date of next meeting:

The meeting gave the Board the authority to arrange the date and place of the next meeting.

The meeting closed at 10.35a.m.

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