Child Care History Network

Minutes of the 2009 Annual General Meeting

Held: 9.00am, 11 November 2009


Planned Environment Therapy Trust Archive and Study Centre, Toddington, Gloucestershire


Sarah Hayes, Rosemary Lilley, Noel Howard, Rich Rollinson, Robert Clark, Alan MacQuarrie, Nicola Hilliard, Christopher Reeve, Charles Sharpe, David Lane, Claire Harris, Tom James, John Burton, Cynthia Cross, Craig Fees

1. Welcome, Apologies and Adoption of Agenda:

1.1 Everyone was welcomed to the meeting by David Lane (Chair).

1.2. Apologies were received from:

Keith White

Helen Ford

Ian Wakeling

Lord Francis Listowel

Roy Grimwood

Andrew Hosie

John Diamond

1.3 The Agenda was adopted

2. Minutes of the Inaugural AGM 23 October 2008:

2.1 There were no issues of accuracy

2.2 There were no matters arising

The minutes were agreed by the meeting

3. Annual Report: Year up to 31 March 2009:

David presented a written report.

He further explained that the initial period has been focused on setting-up the practicalities of the organisation.

The report was accepted by the meeting

4. Finance: Report of the Treasurer/Membership Secretary:

Cynthia Cross presented a written report.

It was further noted that PETT had initially managed CCHN’s finances until CCHN set-up its own bank account.

The report was accepted by the meeting

5. Report of Board: Update from 01 April 2009:

David Lane presented written notes.

Craig Fees gave oral information about the CCHN website:

  • The website went live in 2009

  • 83 members of the Google group; there are more Google group members that CCHN members

  • On average 1,000 hits a month; there have been 150 downloads

  • PayPal facility allows for international membership

  • The meeting was asked its views on whether Google group members who are not CCHN members should continue to have access to the Google group. The view of the meting was that there should be continued access for all; this provides a shop window for the organisation, does not cost the organisation, and probably encourages new membership. It was suggested that the website should encourage membership.

David noted that the organisation is indebted to Charles Sharpe for organising today’s conference, taking place after the AGM

6. Proposal for Programme of Activities:

David explained that if the current Board members are re-elected the proposals for activities for 2010 and beyond are:

  • Recognising the importance of the website and fundraising to resource its improvement and enlargement

  • A conference in the summer, possibly in conjunction with another organisation, focusing on archive issues

  • A membership drive

  • A project to raise the necessary funding to identify where child care archives are kept and organisations that are prepared to store archives. This is a long-term project that will require employment to undertake

The view of members was sought. Issues discussed:

  • The preservation of archives is fundamental for the organisation:

  • Clarity is needed as to who owns archives and who has access to them. It was suggested a Code of Conduct may be helpful

  • The legal aspects of archives, data protection and rights of access are complex. It would be helpful to have legal support

  • Knowing the location of current archives is important

  • It was noted that while case records are kept log books are often destroyed

  • It was noted that the case records from private Children’s Homes are not kept by Local Authorities even though they relate to Children/Young People in the care of the LA

The proposed plan of activities was accepted by the meeting

7. Nominations for Board Members:

The Current Board members term of Office end on 31 March 2010:

  • 2 members are not standing for re-election

    • Cynthia Cross was thanked for her work establishing the systems for Treasurer and Membership Secretary

      • It was proposed that the two roles Cynthia has undertaken should in future be undertaken separately

    • Tom James was thanked for the stimulus he has provided at Board Meetings

      • It was noted that the Board particularly welcomes nominations to the Board from CCHM members who have, as children, received services

  • The Board also has no one with a background in Local Authority work

  • There is no limitation to the number of Board Members

  • Nominations should be from CCHN members and seconded by another member

    • Nominations by e-mail should be to the secretary by 30 November 2009

  • If there are more than one nomination for the posts of: Chair, Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Secretary, Communication and Information Officer then an election will held in December 2009.

    • Voting by e-mail was accepted by the meeting. It was raised and confirmed that a print-out of all nominations and elections by e-mail will be printed and kept for scrutiny

  • The new Board will be ratified at the General Meeting to be held at 11.30am, Friday 05 February 2010 at the National Children’s Bureau.

8. Election of Patrons:

David explained that the aim is for 3 Patrons each serving for 3 years.

  • Lord Listowel has been a supportive patron and has attended a Board Meeting. He is willing to stand for a further year

  • Dame Gillian Pugh, Adviser to the DCSF and Chair of NCB, is willing to be a CCHN Patron

The meeting approved both Patrons

9. AOB:

  • There was a vote of thanks to David and the Board for all their efforts

  • A date for next years AGM has not been confirmed; the plan is to hold it at a similar time in 2010 and again incorporate it with an event

  • It was noted that AGM’s should be held within 6 months of the end of the financial year and this had not occurred this year. It was suggested that at the next AGM there should be a resolution that states the AGM’s should be held within 9 months of the end of the financial year.

The meeting closed at 9.40am

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