Minutes of the Annual General Meeting

Held: 9.00am, 11 November 2010


Planned Environment Therapy Trust Archive and Study Centre, Toddington, Gloucestershire


John Cross, Craig Fees, Simon Hammond, Elaine Harris, David Lane, Rosemary Lilley, Alan MacQuarrie, Charles Sharpe,

1. Welcome, Apologies and Adoption of Agenda:

1.1 Everyone was welcomed to the meeting by David Lane (Chair).

1.2. Apologies were received from:

John Burton

Robert Clarke

Nicola Hilliard

John Hughes

Keith White

1.3 The Agenda was adopted.

2. Minutes of the Inaugural AGM 11 November 2009:

2.1 It was noted Earl Francis Listowel’s title had been wrongly recorded.

2.2 It was recorded that Cynthia Cross stood down as Treasurer during the year; Cynthia did a sterling job whilst Treasurer and was particularly patient in handing over her responsibilities through protracted difficulties with the bank.

The minutes were agreed by the meeting.

3. Annual Report: Year up to 31 March 2010:

David presented a written report.

He further explained:

As the CCHN year begins on the 01 April each year his report was in two parts – 01 April 2009 to 31 March 2010 and 01 April 2010 to 11 November 2010;

There had been modest activity during both periods;

It is planned that the 2011 AGM will be in Scotland;

A newsletter will soon be distributed.

The report was accepted by the meeting.

4. Finance: Report of the Treasurer/Membership Secretary:

John Cross presented a written report covering the first half of the financial year (April – September 2010). It was noted:

The balance of the account September 2010 was £1,520.58.

The balance of the Account as of today (11/11/10) is £1,457.61.

Financial transactions cover the cost of running the organisation, eg meeting room bookings and the reimbursement of Board members costs.

Charles Sharpe reported on the CCH membership:

Current membership is 32.

While many people are engaging with the organisation membership is relatively low.

The current membership covers the present level of activity; however if activity was increased more finances would be needed eg to underwrite a larger conference.

Membership has depended on this conference; published articles could expand knowledge of the organisation.

Charles would welcome ideas about maintaining and expanding membership.

John and Charles were thanked for their reports.

The financial report was accepted by the meeting.

5. Report of Board: Update from 01 April 2010:

Please see the Chair’s Annual Report above.

6. Proposed Resolution: to amend the constitution and rules relating to membership (8.3):

The Board proposed that Life Memberships should be included so that older members have the opportunity for a one-off payment; this would require a change to the constitution and rules.

The following changes to Section 8 of the constitution which begins “Thereafter, membership of the network shall be open to any person of organisation who:” were proposed:

  • Section 8.3 of the constitution to read “and pays such subscription as shall from time to time be determined at a General Meeting of the Network.”

Proposed by John Cross, seconded by Charles Sharpe and unanimously agree by the meeting

  • Section 8.4 is inserted and reads: “has been granted Life Membership and paid the relevant subscription as shall from time to time be determined at a General Meeting of the Network.”

Proposed by John Cross, seconded by Craig Fees and unanimously agreed by the meeting

  • Section 8.5 is inserted and reads: “has been granted Honorary Life Membership in accordance with the rules determined from time to time by a General Meeting if the Network.”

Proposed by John Cross, seconded by Elaine Harris and unanimously agreed by the meeting.

  • The following change to Rules relating to Life Membership was proposed:

December 2008: individual £15, Organisation £30

November 2010: Life Membership.

Aged 55 years and over, 10 x current annual subscription (£150)

Aged 65 years and over, 5 x current annual subscription (£75)

Proposed by John Cross, seconded by Rosemary Lilley and unanimously agreed by the meeting.

7. Proposal for Programme of Activities:

David outlined proposals for activities for 2010 and beyond:

  • In the next 12 months to hold a conference/event looking at child migration; this may also include evacuation experiences;

  • To progress the plan to produce book the aim of which is to take a fundamental look at child care/children’s social care and from this to reappraise the current situation/practice.

The thoughts of the membership on future activities/events, especially those that will attract a wide range of interests, are always welcomed.

The proposed plan of activities was accepted by the meeting.

8. Board Members:

Two Board members have resigned during the year. Nominations for Board members are welcomed; the Board would particularly welcome nominations from members who have received child care services as this group should be represented on the Board by more than one member.

Nomination should be made to the Secretary.

9. Patrons:

David reminded the meeting that the aim is for three Patrons each serving for three years:

  • Lord Listowel is now in his 3rd year as a Patron.

  • Dame Gillian Pugh is now in her 2nd year as Patron.

Professor Roy Parker was proposed as the third Patron. Professor Parker is a child care historian and previously had a noteworthy academic career in Social Policy.

The meeting approved Professor Parker as Patron.

9. AOB:


10. 2011 AGM:

As noted above the aim is for the next AGM and conference to be held in Scotland. The date will be notified as soon as agreed.

The meeting closed at 9.40am.

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